JavaScript benchmarking on N900 PR1.2

Two months earlier, I did my JavaScript benchmarking on N900 PR1.1, and compare it with other platforms. Now, as N900 PR1.2 got released, Opera has released a preview for Maemo, and Chrome is ported to N900 by Jacekowski, I did another round of benchmarking.

MicroB (default browser)21.235.12128
Qt 4.6.210512.04238
QtWebKit 2.01049.36286
For V8 and Peacemaker, the higher the score, the better performance it has. For Sunspider, it's the lower the better.

Chrome is really fast as a result of its excellent V8 JavaScript engine and frequent release cycle.

Qt 4.6.2 is still quite good, especially considering the fact that the WebKit integrated is quite old. Note that QtWebKit will be released separately from Qt, meaning we could enjoy more about the latest WebKit technology then.

However, both Opera and FireFox (MicroB uses FireFox's Gecko JavaScript engine) have quite a long way to go. Moreover, when running V8 and Peacekeeper, both MicroB and FireFox complained about unresponsive JavaScript.

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